I was born in central Italy in 1966 and I began taking photographs at the age of thirteen. After an interruption I restarted in 2010 first as contributor of stock photography agencies (Getty Images and Shutterstock), then trying reportage (some example are in the "Lost + Found" menu) and now doing storytelling. 
I stopped my "reportages" while I was working on "La neve di Rigopiano" when I realized that, even if you feel something very strongly like a big tragedy taking place near your house, telling the facts only is difficult. I take photographs especially during hiking (but not only) and it's something I've been doing since the "VIA degli DEI" project; I walk alone or with vrey few companions, one of whom is often my son Leonardo. My images are anything but perfect: this is due to the march (20-30 km/day, 10-20 days in a row) but also because I'm not very interested in photo techicalities. 
Most of the texts in my books are by my father and some from well known authors dealing with what they call "Wanderlust" (like my project "Walking" from Thoreau or "Sui Monti Orfici" from Campana). In photography I'm mostly inspired by the work of Mario Giacomelli, who lived not far from my town.
I print and manufacture my own books using a Xerox laser printer but I also do fine art printing (by it I mean using pigment inks, baryta or cotton papers and other expensive items).
Each of my books can be downloaded in PDF for free. Printed editions can be ordered it in the relevant page along with a selection of fine art, limited edition, prints.
For any other info use the contact page. 

Photo is by Deborah Borsato

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